Masculine energy is action-oriented, direct, logical, strong, sound reasoning, sharp, risky, fast-moving, and thought-provoking. Allanna and I chat shifting your mindset from focusing on dating to focusing on yourself, getting stuck in situationships, masculine vs feminine energy and how it impacts your dating life, whether. Depending on where you are energetically on this pole, determines what kind of a relationship you have. . Aries is yang while Scorpio is yin while both being ruled by Mars.

Masculine vs feminine energy in dating

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Take relaxed exhales, sounding them out, opening your mouth, and releasing tension from your root.

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Take deep, powerful inhalations through your mouth, moving your spine forward or to the sides. .

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Let’s first look at the balance of masculine vs feminine energy inside of yourself.

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Release the right nostril and exhale for a count of four.

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If someone with a feminine energy criticizes a masculine person’s struggle with their direction in life, it may kill the polarity between them instantly.

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Know the difference between masculine and feminine energy.

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