" It's unclear what Animal Crossing cards won't scan for Tears of the Kingdom as of this writing, so we recommend only using the amiibos until Nintendo specifies which ones will work. Customs Link's for Zelda 1, Link to the Past, Wind Waker, Minish Cap, Link Between Worlds, Tri-Force. You can only scan each figure once a day in order to get rewards though, so remember to practice patience if you fail to get any of the possible rare drops in your first. All Tears of the Kingdom amiibo rewards and unlocks (Beware, minor spoilers) Hi everyone! Please make sure to mask your spoilers and to read our Post on Spoiler and Posting guidelines.

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r/amiibo • In anticipation for Tears of the Kingdom I think its time to connect some Missing Links. You can find preorder links to both editions.

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: r/amiibo.

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r/amiibo. . after ordering Link amiibo and/or Tears of the Kingdom video game, you got. 1 day ago · The quickest and easiest way to unlock the ancient blade in Tears of the Kingdom is to use an amiibo — specifically the 2017 Archer Link from Breath of the Wild. . In today's Daily Deals, you can get the Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Switch OLED, game, and guide.

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