The difference between a scalar and a vector is that a vector requires a direction. Example: Speed is a scalar quantity, but velocity is a vector that specifies both a direction as well as a magnitude. From the table given below, let us learn more differences between scalars. The cars could have been travelling. .

Vector quantity examples in real life

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The position and all related quantities (velocity, momentum, acceleration, force) are vectors.

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A vector is a quantity that has both a magnitude direction. Let’s one by one discuss the above examples in detail.

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Force, displacement, and acceleration all occur with a designated direction. ’. . Vectors and Vector Spaces are simple, beautiful and as you can see in the answers useful. Until I tell you in which directions the cars were travelling you don't know how serious the collision was. . .

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Vectors have many real-life applications, including situations involving force or velocity.

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Below is a list of some of them! Velocity; Acceleration; Electric field; Displacement; Polarization; Linear momentum; Force; Difference between Scalar and Vector Quantities [Click Here for Sample Questions].

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